New Temporary Photos of the most recent projects

Took some quick pics of the stuff I had on hand. Still working on making a proper photo booth for the items but for now here is some of my latest work. Message me if you would like to buy any of the pieces.

Click each photo for a larger view

Myrtle Wood Trivet.

Made a stop to the exotic wood dealer in town and bought a couple pieces I could actually afford lol.  

Drew up this mosaic trivet and took it over to the cad/cam software to export out to the shapeoko3 xxl. With some mineral oil and sanding it came out looking sharp! Officially addicted to using exotic woods, to bad the average price is $30-150 a board foot.  Lol.


Got a new Cnc!

Bought myself a Carbide3d Shapeoko3 XXL for Black Friday. Finally got it in the mail and have been experimenting and learning it this past week. Here is a few things I’ve made with it so far. 



Building a New Desk (in Progress)

Out with the old, in with the new.

So i decided to build a custom new desk/work station in my office.
This project is still in progress so for now i will share a few pics. I will have a full write up after i finish it off.



Found these raw cut pecky cedar pieces for sale in Sacramento, so I drove down to check them out and see if it would work. 



After talking out a price they were mine. 



After sorting through the pieces I decided these two would make up the main desk section. 


Next was to cut and trim the sections together. 

I decided to have them reflect each other the the holes. 



After some glue and light sanding I had a desk base. 


Next came the fun part of taping off and back filling the holes in preparation for the resin filling.




Next was the resin. I decided to fill using a black pigment. Didn’t want to go the common blue pigment.

i used hot glue to make the dams so the resin wouldn’t flow over the wood so much. 


Next came the not so fun part......  sanding.


But it started to come to life. Next stage was sanding and polishing it with higher grit papers. 


After that came the best part, putting on the odies oil wood treatment. 





for now here is a couple pics of the bench and another coffee table I just finished too. 


New Name!

Welcome to High Sierra Visuals.

Just a quick update:

I decided to rebrand and start off fresh after being in a rut/funk for the last 4 months.
Check back for more exciting stuff to come.


HSV header.png

Vinyl Decals!!!!!!!!


We have some sweet new swag for sale!

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 9.52.29 PM.png

We are offering our latest designs in vinyl cut stickers. We are currently waiting for our shipment of new colors to come but we have a couple products up offered in black and white.

Shipping will be included in the price and will be mailed in an envelope and posted Via the USPS.
This offer is for USA customers only, and for the listed sizes. We can ship else where and do larger sizes but postage fees will apply. 

We will be offering Custom Cut decals also, we will just need a high res .png or .ai file.
message for details.



Booster Swag!!!

Hi everyone.

With the New Year approaching fast I have been working on revamping my website for a fresh start in 2018. Hoping to bring on some great stuff for this year. Have a few trips booked and a few clients booked for upcoming project/collabs.

But i need some help. With the great feedback i have gotten from supporters with saying people are always asking where they got that shirt. I wanted to do a new design, new run in hopes to get my brand name out there again. The last couple print runs have been successful and i hope this one will be too with your help.

Please visit, like, share, and support if you can!

only going for a limited time - 4week campaing





Just wanted to say hit and thanks for visiting. I am in the middle or rebranding myself for the New Year. So please be patient with the new updates and changes but I can say 2018 will be a great year! For now please explore the site and check back soon when the site is fully up and the shop/swag store front is all filled out!

As always feel free to reach out!




Here are a couple Drone Shots from the past weekend.